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Sharaan Nature Reserve, AlUla, KSA


Client: Royal Commission for AlUla

In collaboration with: WATG

Sustainability Subject Matter Expert

Main project features: Internationally renowned for its natural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, the Sharaan Nature Reserve is one of the four landmark masterplan projects of the Royal Commission for AlUla. In response to the Request for Proposals for the Sharaan Nature Reserve Masterplan and in recognition of its ecological significance, WATG and Prior + Partners have assembled a team of world-renowned Saudi and international experts in the fields of Strategic Planning, Master Planning, Sustainability, Ecology and Engineering who are ideally suited to delivering a masterplan for the Sharaan Nature Reserve.

Activities performed: Leading the team to bid and win the masterplan including assembling the project partners and team. Briefing the team about AlUla’s context and the planning framework and leading the sustainability team, focusing on sustainable tourism initiatives and implementation.

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